Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out Came the Sun and Dried Up all the Rain...

With temperatures rising to the mid-20s all the bug life in the world came out to play. And with it, so the bird life woke anew.

I have been popping over to one of my favourite Wolds haunts on and off over the past few weeks primarily to check up on a pair of Redstart. It has also been a chance to see what else has survived the winter or returned from sunnier climes.
The Redstarts have returned, paired up, chosen a new nesting site, and judging by the frequency of visits back and forth, are in the process of raising a brood. The pair are a bit distant but have been affording some good views through bins. As the season progresses, I hope to get some closer shots.


The more I visit this site the more I seem to find. One of my latest discoveries has been a pair of Marsh Tits. Distinguishing them from their Willow cousins is not always easy, but the distinctive call is so reminiscent of the “pchow” noise we made as kids when firing our toys guns. On this occasion I was able to spend a leisurely half hour watching them inspecting a row of hawthorn bushes for caterpillars and other bugs.

Marsh Tit

Marsh Tit
As the sun lowered to the horizon I spotted a lovely Song Thrush and Yellowhammer spotlighted at the top of a bush, singing their hearts out in search of partners. They say this weather is going to continue – I really hope they are right.


Song Thrush


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