Friday, 15 June 2012

Red fades to White

Having seen Michael Flowers blog on my local family of Redstarts, and David’s (aka The Wold’s Ranger) excellent photos of their fledglings, I thought I would pop over and see if I could see them for myself. The weather was blowy, and rain was threatened, so my hopes were not high.
As it turned out I was right to be a bit pessimistic for they had all moved on from their usual haunts, which were being subjected to a chill easterly. I was not able to easily locate them other than some distant views of the parents, which was disappointing. Given the weather it was perhaps not surprising that the youngsters had hidden themselves away.

After that good, but disappointing hunt round, I concentrated my subsequent efforts in some of the quieter areas of the site to see what else was around. I was able to see the resident Marsh Tits, and there were pairs of Coal Tits and Goldcrests in the firs. There were also a few Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs still singing for mates, but the birds that caught my attention were a very industrious pair of Whitethroat.

In their continuing efforts to raise their brood they were scouring the low-level vegetation for whatever flies, beetles and caterpillars they could find. If their photographed success continues, then they will have had both a fruitful partnership and summer – and that could be something to crow about given the summer we have had so far!

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