Thursday, 9 February 2012

More Winter Thrushes

Following on from my last blog, I thought I would post some more photos of the winter thrushes that continue to visit the garden. The cold is driving more and more birds into the gardens. Yesterday I had just the single Fieldfare. Today I have had five at one sitting.

I told last time, of the apparent pecking order as the birds squabbled over the apples I had put out. I have now had chance to refine that order, and have found that all thrushes (excluding Mistle Thrushes - which I have yet to see) defer to Starlings of all things!! I was surprised.

New visitors, and ones that rarely make an appearance, have been a solitary Redwing and a magnificent Great Spotted Woodpecker. It is such a shame that both came along when the light was poor. Still never mind - they all add to my garden list for the year. 

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