Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thrushes Galore

The bad weather continues, and the residents are struggling to find things to eat. So as well as stocking up the feeders I threw out a few more of the apples I have been saving from the summer’s crop, along with some raisons. The feeders were well used, but nothing out of the ordinary came along - although I did get some good shots of a twitchy Dunnock. However, my foresight with the apples was much appreciated by the thrushes in the area, and was rewarded with some terrific views.

The garden was inundated with Blackbirds for much of the afternoon. It was only later that we had our first Song Thrush of the year. It paraded around the garden, chasing off any Blackbirds that came near.

Much later though, as the light was failing, two Fieldfare made an appearance. Interestingly, because the Song Thrush returned, I was able to determine that the pecking order among the species was Song Thrush, then Blackbird adults, then Fieldfare, then juvenile Blackbirds. Both Fieldfare stayed until it was too dark to take photos. Perhaps they will be back again tomorrow. I still have some apples, so we will see. Watch this space……


  1. Hi, your Thrush is Mistle not Song - it has pale edges to the wing feathers. The dominance is also a good behavioural trait. Great garden bird!


    1. Hi James. Thanks for the note. I thought it was a Song Thrush based on its relative size to the Blackbirds. It didn't seem as "reptilian" as I have seen in the past either. Also, the spots looked like the classic arrowheads. Perhaps the second shot is a Mistle - it is a different bird to the first shot.