Saturday, 21 July 2012

Garden Visitor

Life in the garden continues to do well despite the weather. Overhead we have numerous Swifts and Swallows picking up on the flies between showers; in the garden itself we are regularly visited by at least 4 male Dunnock, fledgling Blackbirds coming for the apples I continue to put out; and plenty of House Sparrows, Chaffinch, Tits (Great and Blue), and Starlings.

The Robin has been noticeable by its absence, but we have now started to see our Wren again. The Song Thrush that has been so melodious over the past few months has gone quiet – hopefully it has found a mate rather than moving on to a new area.

The Tree Sparrows have raised a second brood from the nest box on the corner of the house. The parents have worked industriously, fetching food and disposing of faecal sacks, but the box has now gone quiet, and we wait to see if they try for a third success.

Yesterday evening we had a return visitor, one of which we have not seen in at least three years. I appreciate that for some readers the sight of a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden is far from unusual, but for us, this visit caused quite a bit of excitement. The bird was very alert all the time it was attacking the peanut feeders, often seeking sanctuary in the plum tree when it saw me taking photos. After quarter of an hour it flew off towards the larger trees further down the village.

This morning I am going to pick up some suet and will mix it with peanuts to see if we can’t tempt our new friend back again.

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