Friday, 6 July 2012

Wear and Tear

While at Tophill I popped into North Marsh. My aim was to collect more shots of the Reed Warblers – a challenge I always relish because they really don’t hang around for long. Until recently the males have continued to sing from the top of the reeds as they seek mates. Now, with broods well on the way to fledging, both male and female spend their time much more in the pursuit of food, and they are far more elusive as a result – providing a real challenge.

Reed Warbler - note frayed wing feathers

Reed Warbler
I didn’t stay long as the hide was already occupied by others in search of the Kingfisher. However, in the time I was there I was able to capture a few good shots. Interestingly, and as a reference to my earlier blog on moulting, one of my shots shows how frayed wing feathers can get for these small creatures. Those will need to be replaced before the long trip back south.

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